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Are you struggling to make the most out of every visitor on your website? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses face this challenge, missing out on valuable opportunities to boost their sales and conversions. However, with powerful conversion boosters like Converti, you can turn the tide and unlock every bit of profit you deserve.

Why Your Website Needs Converti

Converti offers a suite of conversion boosters designed to enhance various aspects of your website, whether it’s an e-commerce platform, landing page, email opt-in page, webinar, or any other type of site. Here’s how Converti can transform your online presence:

  1. Boost Sales & Conversions: Show reviews, conversion proof, coupons, and more to enhance e-commerce sales.
  2. Increase Signups: Use opt-in forms, scarcity timers, and special offers to capture more leads.
  3. Engage Users: Request feedback, add contact boxes, and enable chat to connect with visitors.

Unlock Your Website’s Potential with Converti – Boost Conversions and Sales Today!

Powerful Widgets to Enhance Performance

Converti features a range of widgets that can significantly improve your website’s performance. Here’s a detailed look at some of these tools:

1. Conversion Proof Widgets

Social Proof Widget

  • Boost Credibility: Show recent sales with verification notifications.
  • Increase Sales: Trigger herd behavior and enhance social validation.
  • Customization: Collect live conversions or use custom conversion data.

2. Review Widget

  • Enhance Trust: Display random reviews with photos and star ratings.
  • Improve Credibility: Ensure visitors see your product reviews.
  • Flexibility: Collect reviews from Google or display custom reviews.

3. Newsletter Subscription Form

  • Capture Leads: A floating widget that stays on screen, allowing visitors to sign up quickly.
  • Increase Signups: Improve signup rates with an easily accessible form.

4. Conversions Counter Widget

  • Social Validation: Display an animated counter showing real-time conversions.
  • Encourage Action: Social proof motivates visitors to buy and sign up.

5. Live Visitors Counter

  • Build Trust: Show how many people are currently on your site.
  • Non-invasive: Boost conversions without being intrusive.

6. Visitors Count – Period

  • Show Popularity: Display the number of visitors over a specific period.
  • Increase Trust: Perfect for e-commerce sites and influencers.

7. All-In-One Chat

  • Multiple Platforms: Engage leads on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc.
  • Improve Engagement: Get contact information and engage leads effectively.

8. Information Widget

  • Custom Calls-to-Action: Promote trials or special offers with a custom graphic widget.

9. Call To Action With Deadline Timer

  • Create Urgency: Use a deadline timer to boost conversions by creating a sense of urgency.

10. Coupon Widget

  • Instant Sales Boost: Offer coupons prominently to drive immediate sales.

11. Countdown Bar Widget

  • Sticky Countdown: A countdown timer that sticks to the top or bottom of the page, boosting conversions.

12. Free Shipping Widget

  • Attract Buyers: Highlight free shipping offers to increase sales.

13. Cookie Compliance

  • Get Compliant: Display cookie compliance messages without additional plugins.

14. Chat Widgets

  • Platform-Specific Chat: Use chat widgets for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Discord, etc.

15. Scratch Card Widget

  • Gamification: Offer discounts or gifts with an interactive scratch card.

16. Email Collector Widget

  • Discreet Lead Collection: Collect emails without distracting from the core message.

17. Link Button Bar Widget

  • Redirect Traffic: Use a button bar to direct visitors to specific pages.

18. Image Slide-In

  • Unmissable Graphics: Show ads or graphics that slide in to capture attention.

19. Video Widget

  • Engaging Overlays: Embed videos in an overlay for high visibility.

20. Social Share Widget

  • Increase Shares: Prompt users to share your page on social media.

21. Phone Number Collector

  • Capture Phone Numbers: Collect phone numbers for sales or support callbacks.

22. Customer Feedback Widget

  • Gather Feedback: Collect ratings and feedback to understand customer sentiment.

Dozens More Widgets for Ultimate Flexibility

Converti doesn’t stop there. It offers dozens more widgets and overlays, each designed to give your website the perfect conversion boost. From collecting user information to detailed analytics and integration with all leading platforms, Converti ensures your site is equipped to maximize performance.

Why Choose Converti?

  1. Comprehensive Performance Boosters: Get all the tools you need to enhance your website’s performance.
  2. User-Friendly Integration: Easy to use and integrate with any website platform.
  3. Mobile and Desktop Compatibility: Works seamlessly across devices.
  4. Unlimited Widgets: Access more notification types than any competitor.
  5. Full Customization: Control the content and appearance of your notifications.

Savings Checker

Save more with Converti compared to other apps:

  • Useproof: $199/Month – $2388/Year – $2321/Year savings
  • Provely: $79/Month – $948/Year – $881/Year savings
  • Provesource: $91/Month – $1092/Year – $1025/Year savings
  • Converti: Only $67

Satisfaction Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with a 30-day refund policy, 24/6 chat support, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Boost Conversions Up To 50%*

Implementing Converti has shown up to a 50% sales boost. Here’s how Converti can help different types of websites:


  • More Sales: Use social proof, conversion proof, and coupons.

Landing Pages

  • Increase Leads: Display opt-in forms, scarcity timers, and special offers.


  • Engage Readers: Show social proof and gather leads.


  • Get Clients: Use chat and feedback forms to connect with potential clients.

Corporate Sites

  • Feedback & Leads: Gather customer feedback and leads.

Maximize Your ROI

With Converti, you can ensure every visitor counts. Stop giving away profits to apps that do less. Converti provides unlimited conversion boosters, easy integration, and compatibility with any platform. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

  • Performance Without Penalty: No impact on your website speed.
  • Lead Generation: Turn your blog into a lead source.
  • Ad Efficiency: Get better returns from your advertising spend.
  • Multi-Notifications: Create multiple notifications for a single page.
  • Analytics & Data: Detailed analytics in CSV format.

Real-Time Features for Real-Time Results

Converti’s widgets are designed to provide real-time updates and customization options, ensuring your site remains dynamic and engaging. From automatic conversion detection to branding options and webhooks for data transfer, Converti covers all bases.

Get Started with Converti Today

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your website? Converti is the comprehensive solution to boost your conversions, increase sales, and engage visitors. With a wide range of widgets and easy integration, Converti is the perfect tool for any business looking to enhance their online presence.

  • Unlimited Widgets & Overlays
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Integration with All Platforms
  • 24/6 Chat Support
  • 30-Day Refund Policy


Don’t let your website underperform any longer. Converti Get More Leads today and see the transformation in your conversions and sales. With Converti’s powerful tools and widgets, every visitor becomes an opportunity, and every opportunity becomes a profit. Try Converti now and experience the difference.

Transform Your Website with Converti – Get More Leads and Sales Now!

30 Days Refund | 24 / 6 Chat Support | Satisfaction Guarantee

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