7 Top Linkedin Content Marketing Tips

Linkedin Content Marketing Tips

Here’s how most TOP Companies do content marketing in Linkedin

  1. CULTURE. Create an environment of support, encouragement, collaboration, celebration, and lack of judgement. We create space where people are free to be creative & to try new things without the pressure or fear of failure. We innovate so fast here because employees feel safe to go out of their comfort zone.
  2. MINDSET. Instead of calling it “employee advocacy”, start thinking about it like “the most effective way to communicate with our customers & grow our business”. Calling it employee advocacy undermines the effectiveness of this strategy.
  3. MEASUREMENT. The only way to evolve your marketing strategy to empower your team to do what actually works today is to re-think attribution. Our company prioritizes the LinkedIn strategy and our teammates love taking part in it, because we know it drives 62% of our qualified pipeline.
  4. ENABLEMENT / ENCOURAGEMENT. All our teammates go through a LinkedIn Accelerator training during onboarding. We have a #linkedinlove Slack channel where people can share ideas. I host office hours where I’ll help people clarifying & dial in their personal strategy.
  5. GAMIFICATION. We host competitions and events around experimenting with new channels like LinkedIn or TikTok. We give away prizes & awards people actually want. It’s great for team building & to encourage people to try new things.
  6. TALENT MARKETING / HIRING. People ask me all the time how we convince our employees to post on LinkedIn – We don’t! We attract talent that wants to because of how we execute. Attract people that want to, don’t try to convince people that don’t.
  7. LED BY LEADERSHIP. Leader(s) in your company must actually execute the strategy on their own and show the team what good looks like. Not outsourcing it to a PR firm. Not having your Marketing Manager post for you. If you want the rest of your company to do it, you better be doing it yourself. Leaders need to lead.

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