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If you have tried, frustrated and literally burned your hands using different strategies to generate leads, then you are not alone!

You may still use the older techniques to build your list, and make money.

But trust me – all other so-called tricks promising you to generate leads like optin forms and more.

Wondering why?

Because optin rates are at an all-time low!

And you need something extraordinary to push your limits!

Thankfully, with VidRaffle, you would be able to stop wasting your time and money on those boring and non-converting optin forms.

It’s time to turn any dying optin form into powerful list building machines with VidRaffle!

Yes, it’s true!

Go through my quick VidRaffle review and know more!

VidRaffle Review Ratings

Ease of use9.5/10
Overall Score9.5/10

VidRaffle Vendor Information

Product CreatorRohan And Harshal
Product NameVidRaffle
Launch Date3-March-2022
Front-End Price$27-$37
Refund30-Days Money Back Guarantee
RecommendationHighly Recommended

What Is VidRaffle?

VidRaffle is an unseen and powerful module that has the unseen potential to turn any boring optin form or website into a high converting list building machine within seconds.

Yes, with VidRaffle in your arsenal, you can finally say goodbye to those non-engaging optin forms and explode your sign-ups for sure in 2022!

VidRaffle creates attention-grabbing raffle games that your visitors find exciting and play to win a prize.

Your visitors are then sent to the next screen to seize their prize by entering their emails.

Needless to say, engaging videos help build trust and get them excited about their prize. So now, with the thank you message post sharing their email IDs, another exciting video is played with a chance to upsell anything else you want.

Overall, VidRaffle engages and excites users with a fun game to play…

And once they win a prize, their possibility to claim prizes by entering their emails increases by up to a whopping 34%.

You also are able to connect with your trust with video and make them pumped up about the prize…

The result?

Your email optins are sure to hit the roof…

And finally, VidRaffle helps you generate leads you have only dreamed of before…

Creating raffles on your own means investing money in hiring developers and designers… plus, you also face the risk without the GDPR compliance…

And of course, the setup, organizing and reporting make your job challenging…

But with VidRaffle, all you have to do is – invest one-time money and get going without risks…

Why Do You Need VidRaffle In 2022?

If you have ever been concerned and failed to…

✓ Enjoy more optin – VidRaffle will boost it by 34%.

✓ Access supersonic traffic – VidRaffle lets you do that by up to a massive 62%.

✓ Generate humongous leads – VidRaffle makes it easy to embed on any website and lets you get started.

You can also become big, just like so many brands who are already using Raffles to grow their lists right away…

What Are The Winning Features Of VidRaffle?

1. Readymade 4 Raffle Themes

You can choose from 4 raffle themes created by industry experts to save your time and grab your users’ attention and convert, unlike before.

2. Drag-N-Drop Creator

With this feature, you get to design raffles, and video thank you pages in no time and that too without coding. You also get to add text, logos, images and layers in a few steps.

3. Fully Hosted Video

You get to turn raffles into viral ones with entirely hosted videos on the game card and thank you pages. Video will surely boost your conversions and assist you in building a list.

4. DFY Templates To Use In Hot Niches

You will be able to create super engaging raffles without any wait with readymade templates designed to be used in red hot niches.

5. Mobile-Friendly App

VidRaffle works on all your landing pages and even mobile devices to never miss out on your prospects.

And so much more….

Who Should Buy VidRaffle?

Even though VidRaffle suits possibly every niche on Earth, it will help if you are:

✓ Video Marketers.

✓ eCom Biz.

✓ Bloggers.

✓ Local Biz.

✓ Affiliate Marketers

And many more…

What is VidRaffle price?

VidRaffle is being made available only at a one-time price of $37. And that comes with a 30-days moneyback promise if it does not work for you – so you have nothing to lose!

What are the pros and cons of VidRaffle?


✓ Easy to use.

✓ No prior tech or design skills required.

✓ Mobile friendly.

✓ Multiple awesome features in a single software.

✓ No more failing to generate leads and enjoy sales.

✓ 30-days moneyback guarantee.

✓ Works for every niche on Earth.


Going by my usage of this software and the killer results it has helped me grab, I don’t see any negatives about VidRaffle.

The Final Word

If you want to stop:

✓ Killing yourself trying to build a list the hard way…

✓ Wasting your money and time creating your own raffles…

✓ Spending time and money on traffic that just does not convert…

✓ Trying desperately for killer sales….

You need to add VidRaffle to your cart right away!

Thank you for going through my VidRaffle review!

I hope you will choose this winning app and never become a failure…

Should you have any doubts, drop your queries right away in the comments section below!

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